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The beaker is the main component for French Press. This is where you put your coffee grounds and hot liquids. The handle and base are attached to the beaker. These will ensure that you do not burn yourself or the surface it is placed on. The lid comes with the filters and the plunger. Assembly is simple and intuitive.

No paper filter is required. French press brewing allows the pomace to be soaked directly in hot water. It is a type of immersion brewing, where the coffee grounds are immersed for a few minutes in hot water instead of a few seconds

Understanding how to clean and disassemble your French press is key to getting great coffee every time. This should be done at least once a month. It’s a good idea. Just rinsing it out is not enough.

Step by Step: How to Use a French Press

  •  Preheat Your Press: This step is crucial for all coffee brewing methods. Preheating your brewer will prevent the temperature of your brew from fluctuating because hot water and cold equipment are equal. All you need to do is add hot water to your French press and wring it out until it’s warm to the touch. Then dispose of the water responsibly. Preheating your French press will help keep your coffee hotter for longer.
  • Coffee grounds can be measured and weighed: The size of your coffee maker and the amount of coffee you brew will determine how much coffee you die for. To freshly grind your beans, I’m sure you’ve used a coffee grinder. A medium-coarse grind is recommended for the basic method.
  • Measure Water And Weigh It: Weighing your water rather than using a spoon to measure it will give you more control, just like with coffee. This will ensure consistent results. You can heat the water as you like. If you have a thermometer or a kettle with temperature control, the recommended water temperature for the coffee press is 195 to 205 degrees F.
  •  Use hot water and coffee grounds: Next, add your coffee grounds to the French press. Finally, pour the hot water into the French press. Then take your spoon and stir your coffee.
  • Start Timing By Putting The Lid On: The lid will insulate your coffee maker, keeping the heat inside while brewing. You can set your timer and wait! You can adjust the standard brew time of your coffee press to suit your needs later.
  • Slowly Press The Plunger Down After sufficient time, slow down the piston. You must depress the plunger fully to avoid over-infusing the coffee.
  • Decant Coffee: Decanting the coffee is a good idea. The longer your coffee stays in the container with the grounds, the more flavor you will get.

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