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Frequently Asked Questions
  • Roasting – Typically coffee beans roasted in a rotating drum that are heated from below from the chambers moved by hot thin air at a certain level degree of temperature. Once the roasting is done beans are cooled down in room temperature.

    Grinding – Once the Coffee beans are roasted, according to the requirement will be grinded in a coffee grinding machine.

We have different types of Grinds according to the requirement they are,
AeroPress, French press, Moca Pot, South Indian Filter, Fine, Espresso, Cinnamon, Turkish.

We have Fine Roasting, Light, Medium, Medium Dark, Dark Roasting levels and also, we do provide green beans and green beans powders.

  • Blending is mixing the different type of coffee beans to increase the Flavour, taste and aroma of the coffee, this can be done only form the experts. We provide, Natural Blend, Mixed blend, Cultural Blend, Royal Arabica, Royal Robusta, Blende Arabica, Blended Robusta.

    To know the blending size please visit the specific product page.

  • Common chicory is a somewhat woody, perennial herbaceous plant of the daisy family Asteraceae, usually with bright blue flowers, rarely white or pink. Which has a characteristic of coffee.

    It is often used as a caffeine-free beverage on ground roasted coffee because it enhances the taste, aroma and makes coffee mellow

  • Caffeine is a drug found naturally in the leaves and seeds of many plants. It’s also made artificially and added to some foods and drinks.

    In our Coffee 1x, 2x and 3x and 4x and 5x is caffeine %, Caffeine is little high in Robusta coffee beans.

    1x – 70 to 80 mg per package

    2x- 80 to 100 mg

    3x- 100 to 120 mg

    4x -120 to 140 mg

    5x- 150 to 250 mg

  • We grow only single grade coffee beans and rest of the grade are from different farmers.

     Different grade coffee beans are available with us based on their Size and Taste and process

     They are











    Medium High



    Normal High









  • As we associated with different Coffee manufacturers, our Operation Coorg Team started exploring different kinds of coffee in Coorg. So, we called this Operation as “Coorg”.

  • First-time coffee was introduced in Chikmagalur by Sufi Saint “Baba Budan” before the east India company in 1670.  As a part of Operation Coorg, our team has been to Chick Mangalore and sourced Coffees from Farmers. So, we have named this project as Project “BABA”

Different Type of processed coffee available with us, example Honey, Wet hull, etc.

But we are introducing only two types and in future means within a short span time we will be introducing all of them with you.

  1. Dried Natural – Sundried Coffee.
  2. Wet Washed – Dried out without cherry.

Yes we manufacture Coffee in a medium quantity and rest of them from different estates in Coorg and Chikmagalur.


Some of them we manufacture and some of them we source from farmers, some of them from retailers but sourcing process will based on the criteria of quality check, once it passes  through our quality check process it will sold to our customers. so quality will very high and premium 

Our Packaging process

A) We source the packaging materials from different known Manufacturers and then our packaging team will process and pack the products based on quality check.

Our Manufacturing Plant and warehouse is located in Coorg-Madikeri and we have office in Bangalore


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