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Lite Roast Coffee:
Embrace the delicate dance of flavors with a sip of lite roast coffee, where brightness meets subtlety in perfect harmony.

Lite coffee roasting, also known as a light roast or light-medium roast, is a roast level that preserves the delicate and subtle flavours of the coffee beans. It is characterized by a shorter roasting time and lower roasting temperatures, which result in a lighter-coloured bean with a dry surface.

In the coffee roasting process, the beans are heated to different degrees, and lite roast represents one end of the spectrum, opposite to dark roast. Lite roast coffee is roasted to a point where it retains much of its original flavor profile and characteristics from the region where the beans were grown.

 Lite roast coffee is generally preferred by those who enjoy the original flavour profile of the coffee bean, as it allows the unique characteristics of the coffee to shine through.

Lite coffee roasting is an art form that preserves the true essence of the coffee bean, showcasing its delicate flavors and aromatics. With its bright acidity, crisp finish, and clean taste, lite roast coffee appeals to those who appreciate the natural complexity and nuances of coffee. 

Whether brewed through pour-over, AeroPress, siphon, or cold brew methods, lite roast coffee promises a refreshing and aromatic coffee experience that celebrates the coffee bean’s original character.

Lite roast coffee is a roast level that celebrates the natural flavors and characteristics of the coffee bean. With its vibrant acidity, delicate aromatics, and clean finish, lite roast offers a unique and refreshing coffee experience. Whether brewed through pour-over, AeroPress, siphon, or cold brew methods, lite roast coffee appeals to those who appreciate the authentic and unadulterated essence of coffee from different origins

Lite coffee roasting

The Lite Roasting Process:

Selection of Beans:

High-quality Arabica beans are often preferred for lite roast due to their complex and delicate flavours.


The green coffee beans are meticulously cleaned and sorted to remove any impurities.


The beans are introduced into the roasting machine, where they undergo a relatively short and gentle roasting process.

Yellowing Stage:

During the initial phase of roasting, the beans undergo a colour change from green to yellow as they lose moisture.

First Crack (Development of Lite Roast):

The beans reach the “first crack” stage, where they expand and release trapped moisture and carbon dioxide. This stage marks the beginning of the lite roast.


The roasted beans are rapidly cooled to halt the roasting process and preserve the delicate flavours.

Characteristics of Lite Roast Coffee:

Bright and Vibrant:

Lite roast coffee is known for its bright and vibrant acidity, often resembling citrus or floral notes.

Delicate Aromatics:

The lighter roasting allows for the preservation of delicate aromatics, such as fruity, herbal, or nutty scents.

Crisp and Clean Finish:

Lite roast coffee often has a clean and crisp finish, without the smoky or bitter aftertaste found in darker roasts.

Lighter Body:

Lite roast coffee generally exhibits a lighter body compared to darker roasts, making it feel more refreshing on the palate.

Acidity Emphasis:

Lite roast accentuates the acidity of the coffee bean, which adds brightness and complexity to the flavour.

Brewing Methods for Lite Roast Coffee:


Pour-over brewing allows for precise control over the extraction process, enhancing the delicate flavours of lite roast coffee.


The AeroPress method produces a clean and flavorful cup of lite roast coffee, ideal for single servings.


The siphon brewing method retains the delicate aromatics and flavours of lite roast coffee through a vacuum extraction process.

Cold Brew:

Cold brewing lite roast coffee brings out its fruity and floral notes, resulting in a smooth and refreshing iced coffee.

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