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Medium dark roast: A coffee crafted to perfection, striking a harmonious chord in every cup.

Medium dark roast in coffee refers to a roast level that falls between medium and dark roasts, offering a balanced yet bold flavor profile. This roast level aims to highlight the natural characteristics of the coffee beans while also introducing deeper, complex flavors through extended roasting. 

Medium dark roast coffee strikes a harmonious blend, appealing to coffee drinkers who seek a combination of brightness and boldness in their coffee. It is a roast level that combines the richness and complexity of dark roasts with some of the brighter and more nuanced flavours found in medium roasts. 

Medium dark roast strikes a delicate balance, making it an attractive choice for those who enjoy both the robustness of dark roast coffee and the subtleties of medium roast coffee.

Medium dark roast in coffee strikes an appealing balance between the bright and nuanced flavors of medium roast and the bolder, caramelized notes of dark roast. It offers a dynamic and well-rounded flavor profile, making it a popular choice for those who seek a coffee with depth and complexity. 

Whether brewed through drip, pour-over, French press, or espresso methods, medium dark roast coffee promises a satisfying and flavorful coffee experience, catering to a diverse range of coffee enthusiasts.

Medium dark roast

The Medium Dark Roasting Process:

Selection of Beans:

Just like any roast level, the quality of the coffee beans plays a vital role. Arabica beans are commonly chosen for medium dark roast due to their favourable flavour profiles.


The green coffee beans are carefully cleaned and sorted to remove any defects or foreign matter.


The beans are introduced into a roasting machine, where they undergo increasing temperatures to achieve medium dark roast.

Yellowing Stage:

During the initial phase of roasting, the beans turn yellow as they lose moisture.

First Crack (Development of Medium Dark Roast):

As the temperature continues to rise, the beans reach the “first crack” stage, similar to medium roast.

Development of Darker Roast Characteristics:

Beyond the first crack, the roasting process is extended, allowing for deeper caramelization and the development of bolder flavors.

Medium Dark Roast Point:

Medium dark roast beans are taken out of the roaster at a specific point after the first crack subsides but before reaching the intense darkness of dark roasts.


The roasted beans are rapidly cooled to preserve the flavours developed during roasting.

Characteristics of Medium Dark Roast Coffee:

Richness and Boldness:

Medium dark roast coffee exhibits a deeper richness and bolder body compared to medium roast, while still retaining some of the brightness found in lighter roasts.

Caramelized Sweetness:

The longer roasting time leads to the caramelization of sugars, imparting a delightful sweetness to the coffee.

Moderate Acidity:

Medium dark roast retains a moderate level of acidity, offering a pleasant brightness that complements its bolder flavours.


The extended roasting process introduces a complex array of flavors, including nutty, chocolaty, and sometimes smoky notes.

Smooth Finish:

Despite its boldness, medium dark roast coffee often finishes with a smooth and satisfying aftertaste

Brewing Methods for Medium Dark Roast Coffee:

Drip Coffee Maker:

The drip coffee maker is a convenient and popular method for brewing medium dark roast coffee, producing a flavorful and balanced cup.


Pour-over brewing allows for precise control over the brewing process, accentuating the nuanced flavors of medium dark roast coffee.

French Press:

The French press method can enhance the boldness of medium-dark roast coffee, producing a full-bodied and robust cup.

Espresso Machine:

Medium dark roast is also well-suited for espresso-based drinks, such as lattes and cappuccinos, delivering a rich and satisfying espresso shot.

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