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Medium roast:
"The golden mean of coffee, offering the best of both worlds in every sip"

In the world of coffee roasting, the degree of roasting significantly impacts the taste and overall character of the brewed coffee.

Medium roast is one of the several roast levels, each offering a distinct flavour experience. Medium roast coffee is a versatile option that retains some of the bright and nuanced qualities of light roast while also incorporating the caramelized notes associated with darker roasts.

Medium roast in coffee refers to a roast level that falls between light and dark roasts. It is a popular and versatile roast profile that balances the characteristics of green coffee beans with the flavours and aromas developed during the roasting process.

Medium roast coffee exhibits a moderate level of acidity, body, and sweetness, making it appealing to a wide range of coffee enthusiasts.

Medium roast coffee has gained popularity in various coffee cultures worldwide due to its balanced flavour profile and versatility. It is a preferred roast level for speciality coffee shops and enthusiasts who appreciate the complexity and balance that medium roast offers. 

Medium Roast Coffee beans

The Medium Roasting Process:

Selection of Beans:

Just like in any coffee roast level, the quality of the beans plays a crucial role. Arabica beans are often preferred for medium roast due to their desirable flavor profiles and moderate acidity.


Before roasting, the green coffee beans are thoroughly cleaned and sorted to remove any defects or impurities.


The beans are introduced into a roasting machine, where they are subjected to increasing temperatures. The roasting process aims to strike a balance between preserving the unique attributes of the beans and developing desirable flavors.

Yellowing Stage:

During the early stages of roasting, the beans turn yellow as they lose moisture and certain acids begin to break down.

First Crack (Development of Medium Roast):

As the temperature rises further, the beans reach a critical point called the “first crack.” This is an audible popping sound caused by the expansion of water vapor and gases within the beans. At this stage, the beans have achieved a medium roast level.

Development of Flavors:

Beyond the first crack, the beans continue to roast, developing complex flavours through the Maillard reaction and caramelization. The sugars in the beans caramelize, contributing to the development of sweetness, while the Maillard reaction creates a range of aromatic and flavorful compounds.

Medium Roast Point:

Medium roast beans are typically taken out of the roaster just after the first crack has subsided and before the beans reach the darker stages of roasting.


Once the beans reach the desired roast level, they are rapidly cooled to stop the roasting process and preserve the flavours developed during roasting.

Characteristics of Medium Roast Coffee:

Moderate Acidity:

Medium roast coffee retains a pleasing level of acidity, providing a lively and bright taste without overwhelming the palate.

Balanced Sweetness:

The sugars developed during roasting contribute to a balanced sweetness, adding depth to the coffee’s flavour.

Medium Body:

Medium roast coffee usually exhibits a medium body, providing a satisfying mouthfeel without being overly heavy.


The Maillard reaction and caramelization create a complexity of flavours, offering a range of notes from fruity and floral to nutty and chocolaty.

Smooth Finish:

Medium roast coffee often has a smooth and clean finish, making it enjoyable to drink on its own or with milk and sweeteners.

Brewing Methods for Medium Roast Coffee:

Drip Coffee Maker:

The drip coffee maker is a common household brewing method that works well with medium-roast coffee. It allows for consistent extraction and is convenient for making larger quantities of coffee.


Pour-over brewing allows for precise control over the brewing process, highlighting the nuanced flavors of medium roast coffee.


The AeroPress is a portable and versatile brewing device that can produce a flavorful and smooth cup of medium-roast coffee.


Medium roast coffee can also be used to make espresso-based drinks, such as lattes and cappuccinos, providing a balanced and well-rounded espresso shot.

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