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Medium Grade Coorg Blend

✔ Taste – Premium Flavour Original coffee.
✔ Source: Single Origin, Original, organic.
✔ Grade – PB
✔ Content: 65% Arabica and 35% Robusta
✔ Caffeine: 1X
✔ Process -Wet Washed
✔ Origin – Coorg

✔ Freshly Roasted delivery
✔ Free delivery for first order and over 1400 spend
✔ Always Best Quality


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Fresh Fast and Safe Delivery
Fresh Fast and Safe Delivery
  • Blended Arabica
  • Blended Robusta
  • Cultural Blend
  • Mixed Blend
  • Royal Robusta
  • Natural Blend
  • Dark Roast
  • Medium Roast
  • Medium Dark Roast
  • Lite Roast
  • Green Coffee Beans
  • Green Coffee Beans Powder
  • Royal Arabica
  • Operation BABA
  • Dried Natural
  • Wet Washed
  • Operation Coorg

Flavour Culture Premium Authentic Coorg blend ground coffee is made from real blend of carefully handpicked naturally extracted medium grade Arabica 75% and Robusta 35% from the finest coffee estates in Coorg and wet washed and freshly roasted and blended naturally. Coorg blend is the Very strong premium blend of Flavour Culture Coffee which is packed immediately after the blending and roasting process. Our blending and roasting process is done from the experts who are experienced in the coffee extraction field.

Main USPs of Flavour Culture Filter Coffee Powders

Sources Single Origin Source, specifically sourced from the premium estates of Coorg
Hand picked Coffee Beans are hand Picked from the finest coffee estates in Coorg
Naturally Extracted Coffee beans are naturally extracted without using any kind of machines and then roasted in premium machines
Packaging Packed immediately after the roasting process is done to make sure that aroma and flavour stays as it is
Delivery Delivered safely within a short period if ordering
Quality Premium quality and high-level grade coffee beans are used to make different blends
Blends Different blends are available according to the requirement


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Yes we manufacture Coffee in a medium quantity and rest of them from different estates in Coorg and Chikmagalur.


  • Caffeine is a drug found naturally in the leaves and seeds of many plants. It’s also made artificially and added to some foods and drinks.

    In our Coffee 1x, 2x and 3x and 4x and 5x is caffeine %, Caffeine is little high in Robusta coffee beans.

    1x – 70 to 80 mg per package

    2x- 80 to 100 mg

    3x- 100 to 120 mg

    4x -120 to 140 mg

    5x- 150 to 250 mg

We grow only single grade coffee beans and rest of the grade are from different farmers.

Different grade coffee beans are available with us based on their Size and Taste and process

They are

Grade Size Level
AAA High Supreme
AA High Premium
A Medium High High
PB Normal High Medium
B Normal Normal
C Normal Normal

Cinnamon Flavour Coffee Includes Arabica 75% and 25% blended with Cinnamon flavour.

Normal filter coffee powders made from Pure coffee beans and Cinnamon Flavour Ground Coffee Powder are made from blended premium coffee and added 10 to 15% cinnamon. Every sip of your coffee tastes like a blend of premium cinnamon flavour coffee. Cinnamon Flavour Filter Coffee Powder is different from our other blends because it is not normal, it is super premium, and the grinding process is different from other blends.

The shelf life of our Filter Ground coffee coffee is Minimum 6 Months and Maximum 12 months. Once roasted and ground, the pouches are sealed immediately to retain the freshness and aroma.

The packaging has a one way valve that doesn’t let in any oxygen, so the coffee stays fresh. You can even keep the coffee in its original packaging without using another jar/container to store it. or you can store it in your own jar or pouches.

Yes it is Single Origin Coffee,  All Flavour Culture Coffee beans are sourced from Coorg.

Flavour Culture Coffee beans are picked by hand from a single source. so these coffee powders are sourced from single geographic area.

Cardamom Flavour Coffee Includes Arabica 75% and 25% blended with Cardamom flavour.

South Indian Filter Grind and Fine Grind are two different premium grinds available in Flavour Culture flavoured coffees.

South Indian Grind comes with ground type coffee powder ,in which superior graded medium roasted coffee beans are grinded medium level, coffee beans are grinded into small particles whihc can be used in all types coffee making process.

Fine Grinding is  completely coffee powder, in which superior graded medium dark roasted coffee beans are grinded powder level


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