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Turkish Coffee is a famous type of coffee that is loved by millions of people around the world. This coffee is derived from the Arabica bean and as such contains more caffeine than other types of coffee. It has a strong, full-bodied, and bitter taste that leaves memories on the tongue. This coffee is unique in its brewing styles and more. Coffee is in itself a super drink. It is a drink that connects and invigorates, This drink dates back to the 3rd century and has existed in various cultures throughout history.

The term “Turkish Coffee” does not only refer to a type of coffee, but also to the way the coffee is prepared. Simply put, Turkish coffee has the coffee grounds floating around in the brew, with a dark layer at the base of the cup. Turkish coffee is more than just grounds and water.

Turkish coffee is a method of preparing coffee that originated in the Middle East and some European countries. Among these countries are Turkey (obviously), Iran, and Greece. This is a unique method of brewing coffee as it involves mixing finely ground coffee beans with water. Then the mixture is heated until it begins to foam.

Besides the method of preparation, Turkish coffee is on the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage List, which makes it an exceptional type of coffee. Its unique preparation, its infusion techniques, and all the culture associated with it make it a product worthy of appearing on this prestigious list.

How is Turkish coffee prepared?

  • Before the coffee is brewed, the coffee beans should be finely ground until they are as fine as talcum powder. The cezve is a pot with a long handle specially designed to prepare this unique drink. You will need, in addition to the above, a Turkish coffee cup called a fincan.
  • Then fill the cup with water and pour it into the cezve. The cup is used to measure the amount of coffee that will be prepared. The number of cups poured into the pot should not be greater than the number of people gathered to drink the infusion.
  • Add the ground coffee to the water. Make sure the amount of coffee added equals the number of drinkers. If desired, you can add sugar to the drink. Many people choose to add sugar because Turkish coffee is a strong, bitter, and full-bodied drink.
  • After adding the water, coffee and sugar, stir the pot over medium-high heat and bring it to a boil. Wait until the mixture foams and froths along the edges of the cezve. When this happens you will see the coffee rise in the pot.
  • Wait until the mousse begins to close in on itself before you start serving. Pour the mixture into the small cups and remove any excess foam on top of the brew.


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